MYTH: Use ANY Radio During An Emergency!

It’s that time of year again. The amount of people repeating this tired line has reached levels at which I must respond!

Want to help in emergencies? Consider ARES:
Want a personal locator for going outdoors?
Looking for a satellite beacon with messaging?
Want to hear a sad ham complain about emergency comms?

📻 Want the best HT antenna? Signal Stuff Signal Stick (This is an affliate link)
📻 The Coax I use is ABR Industries (10% off with code: ”abr10hrcc”):
📻 I use Ham Radio Deluxe:
📻 You can find some of my favorite radios and gear at GigaParts:
📻 Good Value HTs: HTs:
📻Check out Radioddity ham radio radios and get a discount: Xiegu G90:

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