QUANSHENG UV-K5 50Mhz – 600MHz RX Handheld Transceiver

QUANSHENG UV-K5 50Mhz – 600MHz Handheld Transceiver

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– America NOAA weather forecast
– VHF UHF dual band Transmit and Receiver, 50-600MHz full band Receiving
– Frequency Range:
F1:50.0000-76.0000MHz(RX only)
F2:108-.0000-135.9750MHz(RX only)
F3:136.0000-173.9750MHz(TX and RX both)
F4:174.0000-349.9750MHz(RX only)
F5:350.0000-399.9750MHz(RX only)
F6: 400.0000-469.9750MHz (TX and RX both)
F7:470.0000-600.0000MHz(RX only)
FM Radio: 76.000-108.000MHz
– Air Band Receiving
– Cross-band Communication
– Wireless Frequency copy from other radios
– Wireless Radio Replication from other Quansheng K5 Radios
– Auto/Manual Emergency Alert
-FM radio
– 10 Group Scrambler
– Frequency/DCS/CTCSS Scan
– Digital Signal CTCC/DCS
– TPYE C and Desktop Cradle Charging
– V0X (Voice operated Transmission)
– DTMF AND 1750 Tone
– BUTTON F+ Button 3 to switch Channel mode to Frequency Mode
– 200 Memory Channels
– Built-in high light Torch

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