Thunderpole T-X Handheld CB Radio Review – In Depth Look

The Thunderpole T-X Handheld has taken the UK and EU by storm since it’s launch earlier this year. AM & FM, all EU modes plus the ability to export the radio to use on the 10m ham band if licenced too! The noise reduction circuit (NRC) is also very impressive, particularly on the AM mode. It’s an attractive package for around £99 in the UK ($125 USD or 115 EUR).

I wasn’t going to do a review of this rig because there was already a few out there but the opportunity came up to borrow one from a friend so I couldn’t say no! It turns out that the hype around the radio was true and it’s a pretty decent piece of kit! It’s been in and out of stock quite a lot recently due to its popularity but might make a great xmas present if you can find one!

Buy it here:
They also have the accessories in stock including the car kit, speaker mic etc.

0:00 Introduction
3:00 Antenna
6:05 What’s in the Box?
7:57 Speaker Mic
9:40 USB-C Charging
11:47 Features
16:25 Export Mode?
17:55 Menu System
21:16 Power Test
24:15 On Air Tests
34:35 Conclusions

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