XHDATA D-109WB AM FM LW WX BT MP3 Shortwave Radio Review

The XHDATA D-109WB AM FM Stereo Weather Alert LW Shortwave Portable Radio with Bluetooth, and MP3 Player will be your Forecast Central. Improved Shortwave Reception, Punchy Audio, 600 Memories, Excellent Reception on All the Bands, FM/MP3/BT in Stereo while using Headphones, 18650 Powered, Type C Rechargeable, Two Alarms, Always on Back Light, and more to keep you Tuning the Night Away. The New Kid on the Block.

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Features I like about the D-109:
Amazing FM/Weather Reception.
Excellent Speaker Audio.
18650 Battery Power. Replaceable with other Unprotected Button Top Batteries.
Six Hundred Memories.
Nice Size.
Good Build Quality.
SOS Alarm.
AM Reception is Decent with only a Few Birdies on the Band.
Bandwidth Filters.
Scan Feature moved to VF/VM button. Browse the Band you’re on, or your Saved Memories.
Two Alarms. Wake to Radio, Buzzer, or MP3 Player.
Back Light can be Set to Always On.
Buttons are more Responsive, and Easy to Use.
Clear Display.
Full Shortwave Band.
External Antenna Jack for FM/SW.
Long Wave for those who need it.
Easy to Add Memories, and Delete them.
Good Value for the Money.
Makes a Perfect Starter Radio for Someone getting into the Hobby.
MP3 Player. Remembers Exact Track Position.
Type C Jack for Recharging the Radio.
Headphone Experience is Amazing. No Clicks, Pops, or Hiss found here.
Dedicated Sleep Function Button.
Four FM Band Plans. 64, 76, 87, 87.5 – 108MHz.
Lock Function.
Receive Calls through Bluetooth Mode.

Features that could be Added or Improved on:
Longer Tuning Knob. It is a bit on the Thin Side.
Ability to lock in Fast, or the Slow Setting while using the Tuning Knob.
Seek Tuning! It is missing. Browsing isn’t the same.
Quick Tuning using the Right, and Left Arrow Buttons. This would be Fantastic.
DX/Local Mode Not Great.
Voice/Music Mode is Reversed, and Voice will be the Setting Used Most of the Time.

Overall, the D-109WB has been Improved from the Previous model. Adding Weather Alert, Improved Shortwave Reception, SOS Feature, and more Responsive Buttons make this a Good Value Under $50.

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